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Greetings from the President

The Presidential Inaugural Address

By Sue-Kyong ("Sue") Shin Vittas
June 15, 2015

Dear KOWIN DC Members and Friends,

I am very honored and humbled to take the baton from the outgoing president Young-Key Kim-Renaud to serve as president of the KOWIN DC Chapter (Korean Women’s International Network) since June 2015. I am lucky to take over the presidency at this point in the evolution of KOWIN DC, and my vision will be aligned and not too different from that of the past presidents. I will continue to carry out the main activities such as quarterly meetings, a leadership seminar for young professionals of Korean heritage, including other nationalities, as well as other programs for improved networking and building friendship.

I would like to acknowledge the contributions made by past presidents, without whom our organization would not be what it is today - a respected organization not only in the Korean American community but also in that of the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Heartfelt thanks to Kim Sohn, Christine Choi, Myong Ho (“Lucy”) Nam, and Young-Key Kim-Renaud for their tireless efforts to successfully raise the level of KOWIN DC higher and higher. Where KOWIN DC is today is only possible due to the admirable leadership of the past presidents along with the support of qualified KOWIN members who have worked hard alongside them. I have big shoes to fill and am counting on each of you to continue to provide the kind of support that you have so generously given in the past.

My aspirations are to ensure that the activities of KOWIN DC are something for our members to look forward to in the midst of the ordinary daily and professional grind. KOWIN DC provides a wonderful opportunity to encounter members from many different career fields, but members who all share in common and are bonded by their love of Korean heritage.

Please do not forget that KOWIN DC is our organization, yours and mine. Despite our hectic schedules, let’s all take the time to improve this great organization together as it is an organization that can touch and enrich our lives as well as those of the people around us. In the interest of working together to build KOWIN into something even greater, let’s remember to – and here I am borrowing my favorite quote from John F. Kennedy – “ask not what KOWIN DC can do for you, ask what you can do for KOWIN DC.’’ – and together I know that we can continue to strengthen this very special organization.

God bless KOWIN sisters! Thank you.

Sue-Kyong Shin Vittas
President, KOWIN DC Chapter