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Use of Membership Dues

Your contribution is very important to the success of our ongoing and upcoming projects.  Membership dues and donations make up almost 100% of KOWIN DC’s operating budget allowing us to produce inspirational events and publications for Korean-American women, as well as local and global communities.

Collected membership dues will cover:
  • The expenses for services and facilities running leadership seminars, mentoring programs, educational conferences regarding general interests, membership meetings, fundraising events, and more
  • Newsletters, event videos and photos, booklets, and other media publications
  • Website maintenance and updates
  • Fellowship program and training scholarships
  • Donations for neighbors in need
  • Awards/Recognitions
  • General administration
Other various donations and the funds raised through the events hosted by KOWIN DC will also go towards the management costs of our projects.  Also, please note that your contributions are tax-deductible.

Membership Fee

There is a one-time initiation fee of $300 for new members and annual membership dues of $120 per year, due by the first of each year. Annual dues will be prorated if you are joining after the first of the year. For example, if one joins in April, one will pay for the remaining months (May-December) at $10 per month, for a prorated fee of $80.

How to Pay the Membership Dues

Please mail your check to:
        "KOWIN DC"
        Ms. Junghee Lee
        17833 Fairlady Way
        Germantown, MD  20874

If you have any question, please contact our Treasurer () or the website administrator () by email.

It is you, the Members and Friends of KOWIN DC, who are the driving force of this organization, and we value your interest in KOWIN DC and appreciate your active participation.

Withdrawal from Membership

Requires written notice to the president of KOWIN DC. In order to be exempt from further membership dues, the notice has to be provided by the end of the current year so as to avoid obligation for further membership payment in the following year. For example, if one sends the notice during the year 2016, one will no longer be responsible for any dues from 2017. There will be no refund of any partial membership fee when leaving anytime during the current year.