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Q2 General Meeting (2분기 정기회의)

Anne Jelly

KOWIN DC President (2021-23)

Greeting Dear KOWIN Sisters,

As your new KOWIN DC president for the period September 1, 2021 – August 31, 2023, I want to take this opportunity to speak briefly about our great organization. It's an honor and privilege to accept this new role and belong to KOWIN DC. I have some responsibilities, but I can’t accomplish KOWIN DC's purpose without the help of each member.

Thank you, so much, to our previous president, Suzanne Kim Doud Galli , who had a challenging time during the Pandemic to lead the KOWIN DC chapter 2019-2021, and I appreciate her leadership, knowledge, and talent serving KOWIN DC. Also, I appreciate the former presidents, Christine Choi, Lucy Nam, Young-Key Kim-Renaud, Sue Vittas, and Sami Lauri, who took their precious time to lead us too, and without their leadership, we would not be as we are in KOWIN DC now. We need the continued participation and inclusion of diverse women who represent modern ideas of leadership, community engagement, and willingness. We will continue the networking of DC/MD/VA, Chicago, New York, and international Korean women around the globe. In addition, we will continue to promote the building of Korean women’s character and the general advancement of women and improve our communities.

The DC Chapter, which includes the area (Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia), was established in 2001 with the launch of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family in Korea. As KOWIN DC is multi-generation Korean American Women representing commerce professionals, community leaders, and entrepreneurs. The quarterly meetings and the annual mentoring and networking fall conference remain the focal point of our gathering to provide opportunities to network, educate, and grow our role in the community. As KOWIN says, “membership has its privileges.” So, if you have any suggestions to enhance the experience of our members, please let me know.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at the meetings and events, where we’ll be building up our network among Korean Women.

Life is all about relationships. There are so many things to learn from each other.

Sincerely yours,

Anne Jelly, President