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23rd KOWIN Convention in Incheon

Florence Lowe-Lee

KOWIN DC President (2023-25)

I am both excited and honored to serve as the new President of KOWINDC, a dynamic community of women who exemplify excellence, leadership, and empowerment. I am truly grateful for the trust and confidence you have placed in me.

First and foremost, I would like to express my gratitude to the outgoing president and the entire leadership team for their dedication and hard work in leading our organization towards success. Building upon their efforts, I am committed to upholding our organization's mission and values while trying to enhance our impact even further.

Our organization is more than a network. Our organization stands as an example of empowerment, camaraderie, and progress for women. It is a testament to the incredible power that emerges when talented women come together to inspire one another. Whether you are just starting your career, at the pinnacle of your professional journey, or exploring new possibilities, you are a vital part of this tapestry of achievement.

Our organization is more than just the gathering of professional women. Our organization is a support system, a platform for growth and connecting like-minded individuals while forging lasting friendships. We are a community of dynamic professionals from diverse backgrounds where we can learn from one another, to mentor and be mentored, and to inspire positive changes.

Throughout the years, KOWINDC offers a range of programs, from insightful workshops to engaging panel discussions, from networking gathering to mentorship opportunities. I encourage you to engage fully in our events, discussion, and initiatives, bringing your unique perspectives and talents. I strongly believe that our organization’s strength lies in our diverse and dedicated members.

I am looking forward to taking an exciting journey with you—working together to elevate one another, to celebrate our achievements, and to cultivate and guide next generation Korean-American women to be leaders and transformers.

Warm regards,

Florence Lowe-Lee