[Program Book] 11th KOWIN USA Eastern Regional Leadership Conference L.E.A.D.

November 05, 2022id: 495

The Program Book for the 11th KOWIN USA Eastern Regional Leadership Conference is available to view at the following link:

Program Book

3rd Qtr General Meeting

September 24, 2022id: 490

The Third General Meeting of Year 2022 was held at Dr. Lucy Nam"s residence, MD, at 12:00-3:30 p.m., on Saturday, September 24, 2022. Three executive members had resigned due to some limiting conditions, but their dedicated service is tremendously appreciated. Newly appointed executive members were welcomed with warmth: Jung Ran Lim (Vice President), Eunji Yoon (Treasurer), Sun Myung Chang (Webmaster), and Go Eun Kang (Reporter). Main topics discussed included: (1) KOWIN DC Website - up and running (2) KOWIN/KOWINNER Conference 2022 in Korea, with the theme of "The Power of Korean Women Worldwide: Usher in the Age of Digital Transformation" and (4) KOWIN USA Eastern Regional Leadership Conference and Gala event preparation.

[MEMBER NEWS] Florence Lowe-Lee hosts U.S.-Korea Energy Security Seminar in Korea

July 27, 2022id: 470

KOWIN DC Secretary General Florence Lowe-Lee, CEO of the Global America Business Institute (GABI), jointly hosted a seminar with the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP) on energy security cooperation between the United States and the Republic of Korea on July 27, 2022.

The importance of energy security is ever increasing amid the ongoing war in Ukraine and the climate crisis.

With the theme on the balance between the geopolitics of energy security and responses to the climate change, the seminar was attended by Lawmaker Cheolsoo Ahn, Sejong Institute President Sanghyun Lee , and KAIST Professor Yonghoon Jeong, among other prominent figures.

KIEP and GABI discuss US-Korea energy security and cooperation

[MEMBER NEWS] President Anne Jelly Interview (장혜숙 회장 인터뷰)

July 06, 2022id: 469

KOWIN DC President Anne Jelly speaks how she got hired by the Department of Defense (DoD) at the age of 45 and became successful as a Budget Analyst.

45세에 입사해 미국 펜타곤 예산분석가로 성공한 비결

Anne Jelly"s Interview with Manna 24 (만나24 장혜숙 인터뷰)

2nd Qtr General Meeting

June 04, 2022id: 449

The second General Meeting of Year 2022 was held in Annandale, VA, attended by 24 members. Among the members were seven new members who joined KOWIN DC this year.

Agenda topics discussed included
(1) KOWINNER Conference 2022 in Korea and KOWIN DC attendees;
(2) Report on the meeting with the Minister of Gender Equality and Family that took place on March 14, 2022 along with KOWIN New York members;
(3) Spring Bazaar event result;
(4) KOWIN DC Website updates;
(5) KOWIN DC Tax ID processing;
(6) Revision of Bylaws; and
(7) Eastern Regional Conference updates.

After the regular meeting, Dr. Esther Kim, a retired U.S. Army Colonel and Psychiatrist, shared her career journey, with the theme of behavioral therapy, offering her professional opinions centering around "aggressive" and "assertive" ways of communication. Members actively participated in the discussion.


April 23, 2022id: 468

Spring Bazaar was held at Dr. Nam’s home and raised $3,000. Special Thanks go to Lucy for providing her lovely home and dumplings, mung-bean pancakes, Gimbap ingredients. Dr. Nam expressed much appreciation to those who made time/money donations and provided Bibimbap ingredients.

1st Qtr General Meeting

March 05, 2022id: 473

In this first General Meeting of year 2022, KOWIN DC members approved the paid revision of the current KOWINDC website and discussed the details of the Estern Regional Conference 2022 that KOWIN DC will host in November. The discussion was followed by Junghee Lee (JH)"s sharing of her life story about the success and challenges she met while operating three nursing homes and two day treatment centers for 28 years.