President: Nam, Myong Ho (Lucy)

id: 152

2011 KOWIN DC Holiday Gala (Washington, DC)

December 10, 2011id: 151

  • Held at Cosmos Club
  • Congratulatory Remarks: Soongu Yoon (Consul General, Embassy of Korea) and Jay Kim (Former Member of U.S. Congress)
  • Outstanding Service Award: Mia Kim
  • Distinguished Member Award: Sue-Kyong Shin Vittas

The 2nd Annual KOWIN DC Leadership Seminar and Mentoring Program for Korean-American Women (Washington, DC)

November 19, 2011id: 150

  • Held at SAIS (Johns Hopkins University), Kenney Auditorium
  • Theme: "Beyond Boundaries: Mentoring Women for Leadership Roles"
  • Keynote Speaker: Eun Yang (Morning News Anchor for NBC4/WRC-TV in Washington, DC)

KOWIN DC Official Website launched

November 01, 2011id: 149


The Third KOWIN DC Newsletters (EN/KO) published

October 06, 2011id: 148

2011 Third Membership Meeting (Vienna, VA)

October 04, 2011id: 147

The 11th Annual KOWIN International Convention (Ulsan, Korea)

August 30 - September 01, 2011id: 146

  • Theme: "Global Korean Women, Leading Green Korea!"
  • KOWIN DC Participants: Kimberly Gube, Jung Ran Lim, Sue Pender, Erika Shin, Yongsook Victoria Suh, and Myong Ho Nam

2011 Second Membership Meeting (Grasonville, MD)

July 16, 2011id: 144

  • New KOWIN DC Fellow: Erika Shin

KOWIN DC Fundraising Art Exhibition "The Light for the New Birth" by Minju Lee (MK Gallery)

July 02 - July 21, 2011id: 145

The 2nd KOWINNER International Convention (Hong Kong, China)

June 24 - June 26, 2011id: 143

  • KOWIN DC Participants: Jennifer Ahn, Jung Hee Lee, and Sue-Kyong Shin Vittas
  • Awards: Jennifer Ahn and Jung Hee Lee as 2011"s 24 Successful Global Businesswomen

The 5th KOWIN US Eastern Regional Leadership Conference (Chicago, IL)

June 18, 2011id: 142

  • KOWIN DC Participants: Kwang Ja Kim, Eun Ae Lee, Sue-Kyong Shin Vittas, and Myong Ho Nam
  • $500 donation

Jewelry & Art Show for KOWIN DC Fundraising (MK Gallery)

April 01 - May 25, 2011id: 141

2011 First Membership Meeting (Annadale, VA)

March 22, 2011id: 140

  • Discussion on KOWIN DC official website construction

KOWIN DC Dinner Meeting with Korean Minister of Gender Equality and Family (Washington, DC)

February 25, 2011id: 139

  • The Guest of Honor: Paik Hee-young, the Minister of Gender Equality and Family of Korea

The Second KOWIN DC Newsletters (EN/KO) published

February 02, 2011id: 138

KOWIN DC Annual Executive Committee Meeting

January 02, 2011id: 137