Fourth Membership Regular Meeting (Woo Lae Oak)

November 16, 2014id: 182

The Eighth KOWIN DC Newsletters (EN/KO) published

October 01, 2014id: 181

KOWIN US Eastern Regional Leadership Seminar (Dalls, TX)

September 19 - September 21, 2014id: 180

The 14th KOWIN Convention in Gumi

August 26 - August 29, 2014id: 179

  • KOWIN DC Participants: Dr. Young-key Kim-Renaud, Dr. Lucy Nam, Sukza Park, Sue-Kyong(Sue) Shin Vittas, Yang-Ro Yoon, Jung Ran Lim, Kang Eun Olson, Anne Choe

The 5th Annual KOWIN DC Leadership Seminar

April 05, 2014id: 178

  • Held at George Washington University Mount Vernon Campus
  • Theme: "Korean Women"s Place in the Sun: Celebrating Diversity and Enhancing the Culture of Inclusion"
  • Keynote Speaker: Alexa Huang (Professor of English, Theatre, East Asian Language and Literatures, and International Affairs at GWU)

The Seventh KOWIN DC Newsletters (EN/KO) published

April 01, 2014id: 177

2014 Membership Retreat (Annapolis, MD)

February 07 - February 09, 2014id: 176