The 10th KOWIN DC Newsletters (ENG/KOR) published

December 01, 2015id: 192

The 6th Annual KOWIN DC Leadership Seminar and Mentoring Program (Alexandria,VA)

November 14, 2015id: 191

  • Held at Embassy Suites Alexandria Old Town
  • Theme: "Shaping Own Future: One Step at a Time"
  • Keynote Speaker: Angela Oh, J.D. (Attorney Mediator, California Department of Fair Employment & Housing)

Fourth Regular Meeting (Vienna, VA)

November 05, 2015id: 190

The 15th Annual KOWIN International Convention (Tongyeong, Korea)

August 25 - August 28, 2015id: 189

  • KOWIN DC Participants: Anne Choe, Anne Jelly, Emily Kessel, Komelia Hongja Kim, Kyung Min Kim, Myung Ho(Lucy) Nam, Sue-Kyong(Sue) Shin Vittas, Helen Won

The 3rd Regular Meeting (Washington, DC)

August 16, 2015id: 188

  • New fellow, Soyeon Kim was introduced

The 9th KOWIN DC Newsletters (ENG/KOR) published

June 01, 2015id: 187

The 5th KOWINNER International Convention and the 8th KOWIN US Eastern Regional Leadership Conference

May 01 - May 03, 2015id: 186

The meeting with Korean Minister of Gender Equality and Family, Kim Heejung

March 11, 2015id: 185

The 1st Regular Meeting (Far East Restaurant in Rockville, MD

March 10, 2015id: 184

Membership Retreat (Annapolis, MD)

February 27 - February 28, 2015id: 183