The 2013 KOWIN DC Holiday Gala (Cosmos Club)

December 07, 2013id: 174

The 4th Annual KOWIN DC Leadership Seminar

November 16, 2013id: 173

  • Held at Korean Embassy main conference room
  • Theme: "Leadership Serving the Needs of Our Local and Global Community"
  • Keynote Speaker: Kyung B. Yoon (Executive Director of the Korean American Community Fund)

The Sixth KOWIN DC Newsletters (EN/KO) published

October 01, 2013id: 172

Forth Membership Regular Meeting (Woo Lae Oak)

September 29, 2013id: 175

Third Membership Regular Meeting (McClean, VA)

September 29, 2013id: 171

Daejun KOWIN International Convention

August 27 - August 30, 2013id: 170

  • KOWIN DC Participants: Sue-Kyong(Sue) Shin Vittas, Lucy Nam, Jungsil Lee, Sung Hee Rhee, Young-ju (Adela) Kim

Second Membership Regular Meeting (King George County)

June 15, 2013id: 169

  • New president, Prof. Young-Key Kim-Renaud was introduced
  • New fellow, Kang-Eun Jeong Olson was introduced

The Fifth KOWIN DC Newsletters (EN/KO) published

June 02, 2013id: 167

KOWIN Eastern Region Conference in NYC

June 01, 2013id: 168

  • KOWIN DC Participants: Lucy Nam, Younghee Jamie Sheen, Helen Won

2013 First Membership Regular Meeting (Woo Lae Oak)

March 28, 2013id: 165

The 4th KOWINNER Convention in Vienna, Austria

March 24 - March 26, 2013id: 166

  • KOWIN DC Participants: Judy Rhee Alloway, Sungcha Hong Cha, Myung Ja Lee, Lucy Nam, Sue-Kyong(Sue) Shin Vittas

2013 Membership Retreat (Weems Creek at Annapolis, MD)

January 28 - January 31, 2013id: 164